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A new addition to the building community is at 48% complete! As of July 14, 2017, the Apartment F is now on its way up as one of the University’s housing for students.  The said apartment is located near the AUP Elementary school and is right beside the Apartment E building.

This past school year, the University was blessed to have an increasing number of enrollees for the College of Medicine.  This year, we are expecting even more students and the need for additional housing was addressed.  The Administration decided on building a new apartment to accommodate the incoming COM students.  Engineer Jessrel Lagariza shares that the location of this apartment was once supposed to be where another apartment would have been put up.  But then, it never took place.  Where the apartment stands now, according to AUP’s development plan, is within the area of where the Graduate housings are to be put up as well.

The building’s permit was issued on February 5 of this year.  With the leadership of Architect Lelanie M. Malala and our constructors, Belcons Project Consultancy Planner/Builder, the building process has been showing a lot of progress.  We are targeting that by August of this year,  the first floor will be furnished as a model unit and will be open for the public to see.

We are praying that God would continually bless the development of the University. College of Medicine students will soon be allowed to reserve rooms and we are hoping that this new apartment will be a blessing to those who will be residing in it.