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IIST Emerges as Balanse Cup 2017 Champ

IIST Emerges as Balanse Cup 2017 Champ

Silang, Cavite – Among the 16 competing schools, Imus Institute of Science and Technology (IIST) brought home the overall champion trophy of the recently concluded Balanse Cup 2017, organized by the College of Business (COB) last August 24, 2017 at the Finster Hall of Nations.

Academic competitions from the four departments of COB were held during the Cup. Cumulative scores were computed based on the performance of each school in the following challenges: Accounting Quiz Bowl, Business Administration Quiz Bee, Business Proposal and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Challenge. The Office Administration Quiz Bee and Speed Typing Competition, though part of the event, was not included in the computation of the scores since only few schools participated in the said categories.

IIST dominated the Accounting Quiz Bowl with two champions and two runner-ups. Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (PnC), was hailed as overall first runner-up after nabbing the champion for the MOS Challenge and a runner-up in the Accounting Quiz Bowl. General De Jesus College (GDJC), from Nueva Ecija, finished at 2nd runner-up for having won a champion in Accounting Quiz Bowl and Business Proposal. Winners of each category were given certificates of recognition, medals and cash prizes. Certificates sponsored by Certiport were also awarded to the winners and passers of the MOS Challenge.

Now on its 2nd year, the Balanse Cup targets to uplift the academic status of business students and promote camaraderie amongst students and teachers from different universities and colleges. “Balanse signifies having a well-balanced lifestyle,” said Cyrah Joyce Anda, overall coordinator, when asked why ‘Balanse’ was the theme. As stated by Anda, the event seeks to share the AUP’s philosophy of harmoniously developing the mental, physical, social and spiritual faculties to students of participating schools.

by John Lemuel G. Cabili

A New Home for the COM Students

A New Home for the COM Students

A new addition to the building community is at 48% complete! As of July 14, 2017, the Apartment F is now on its way up as one of the University’s housing for students.  The said apartment is located near the AUP Elementary school and is right beside the Apartment E building.

This past school year, the University was blessed to have an increasing number of enrollees for the College of Medicine.  This year, we are expecting even more students and the need for additional housing was addressed.  The Administration decided on building a new apartment to accommodate the incoming COM students.  Engineer Jessrel Lagariza shares that the location of this apartment was once supposed to be where another apartment would have been put up.  But then, it never took place.  Where the apartment stands now, according to AUP’s development plan, is within the area of where the Graduate housings are to be put up as well.

The building’s permit was issued on February 5 of this year.  With the leadership of Architect Lelanie M. Malala and our constructors, Belcons Project Consultancy Planner/Builder, the building process has been showing a lot of progress.  We are targeting that by August of this year,  the first floor will be furnished as a model unit and will be open for the public to see.

We are praying that God would continually bless the development of the University. College of Medicine students will soon be allowed to reserve rooms and we are hoping that this new apartment will be a blessing to those who will be residing in it.

Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Alumni Hall, AUP – The College of Medicine (COM) held its 3rd White Coat Ceremony for the newly accepted medical students last August 6, 2017. It was organized by the classes of 2019 and 2020, to welcome the third pioneering batch. The event carried the theme, “Called for the Vision”. It served not only to welcome the upcoming class but also served as a symbol of their increased responsibilities as future physician missionaries. The freshmen were presented to the faculty, their families and colleagues. They stood atop the impeccably decorated staircase and were then robed with the white coat, the iconic clothing of the physician. The students were then made to promise that they uphold the standards of the university and most of all, to be the best physicians for the service of our Lord

The morning was blessed and inspired by the aura and speech of our honored guest speaker Dr. Tamara L. Thomas, Vice Dean, Academic Affairs, Loma Linda University School of Medicine. The theme of the inspirational speech was based on the motto: “Through Christ healing and wholeness”. She enlightened the audience through the philosophy of William Osler who proclaimed that the profession of a physician is a calling and not a trade; an art and not a business. That it was also metaphysical philosophy where we look beyond the mere objectivity of status quo. Hence, it promotes a sense of meaning and purpose in our actions that contributes and gives rise to our spiritual identity. Thus, the perspective is set to more on “being” than mere “doing”. Treating it as a profession rather than a mere occupation. It was emphasized that a physician’s perspective should be well-balanced with empirical judgement, absence of bias and no discrimination. The physician should be an advocate of the community, an everlasting seeker of truth and a servant of God.

The event featured a number of important guests as well. These included respected President Dr. Fransisco D. Gayoba, beloved Dean of Medicine Dr. Doris D. Mendoza and admired VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte were present to lead and support the occasion. Many of the faculty members of the College were also present. Among them were, Dr. Bibly L. Macaya, Chair of Clinical Sciences and President of Adventist Medical Center-Manila, who led the opening prayer. Dr. Bienvenido R. Tamano, Chair of Admissions Committee and chair of Family, Community, Preventive Medicine and Research, who introduced the class of 2021. Whereas, Dr. Linda L. Varona, Clinical Coordinator of Adventist Medical Center-Manila, led the students’ promise.

The 3rd White Coat Ceremony, is an essential program that elevates the spirit of the student to be focused and steadfast through the taxing semesters. The program helps the students to remember the purpose of their existence as physician missionaries. As a result, it motivates them to strive harder and go beyond what we have ever imagined of achieving. To go on and be five-star plus physicians.